Our Committee for 2022-2023

James Whitmore

Current President (He/Him)

I’m James. I graduated from the RVC in 2014 and now work at Cotts Equine Hospital in Cardiff, my main interests are lameness diagnosis and stud work.

I’m proud that the society has enabled members of our profession and paraprofessionals to feel empowered and confident enough to attend their first pride event.

Tommy Doyle 

Senior Vice President (He/Him)

I’m Tommy, the Senior Vice President, and I’m gay and cis. I live in a small town in rural Sussex and work in a small animal practice, where I’m a partner.

I’ve been involved with the group since 2016. I joined it thinking I could help other people, but as it turned out I benefitted from the group far more than it needed me.

I came from an Irish Catholic school where being gay was not talked about, and when I went to university there were no visible veterinary LGBT+ role models. Being part of BVLGBT+ has helped me understand that I don’t need to be different people at work and at home: that there are many different and equally legitimate ways to be a vet.

Helen Redpath

Secretary (She/Her)

Hi, I’m Helen, currently secretary for the BVLGBT+ group. My role is mainly assisting with arranging meeting dates, and recording/circulating agendas and meeting minutes.

The BVLGBT+ group are like another family; a fantastic, welcoming and approachable bunch of folks, providing much-needed support to those feeling isolated in the profession, which can be a lonely place. From the moment I met the group I felt accepted; and look forward to every meeting, especially the wonderful Pride events.

Peter Heather

Treasurer (He/Him)

My name is Peter and I’m the BVLGBT+ treasurer. I’m a vet and independent practice owner on the south coast. In my spare time I play golf, walk the dogs and do a bit of beekeeping at home.

Pride events and our other BVLGBT+ get-togethers are a great source of pleasure for me personally and professionally. Some wonderful friendships and support networks have flowed from these and connecting with other LGBT+ colleagues has been a particular joy these past years.

I hope to play my part in furthering the amazing work that BVLGBT+ has done to date.

Teri-Ann Baldwin

Nurse Liaison (She/Them)

I gained my veterinary nursing qualification in 2012 and a degree in veterinary nursing in 2013. I am currently undertaking a master degree in animal nutrition.

I joined the BVLGBT+ committee so that we can continue to support and educate the veterinary community and to ensure the inclusion of everyone within the profession.

Ami Sawran

Farm Vet Liaison (She/Her)

I’m Ami, a clinical director of Westpoint Farm Vets in Chelmsford. My role within the committee is to try to increase engagement of farming, agricultural and farm vet communities with LGBT+ issues. 

Traditionally, people in these industries are not used to speaking up or indeed coming out, consequently there can be a real lack of understanding about LGBT+ matters. We need to make sure that we afford support and promote open discussion within these spheres to help people feel safe, understood, and part of our wider community.

Tobias Hunter

Student President and Website Officer (They/Them)

Hi, I’m Tobias. I’m a 4th Year Veterinary Student at the University of Liverpool and eager to support the BVLGBT+ Committee this year with their upcoming projects. I’m trans and non-binary and I’ve met a few obstacles on my journey through Vet School so I’m keen to work to remove those obstacles for future generations and to make the veterinary profession as inclusive and supportive as possible.

I will be working on the website and also assisting the rest of Committee working on delivering talks and CPD packages to veterinary practices.

Ben Curnow

Entertainments Officer (He/Him)

Hi! I am Ben, and I work as a lecturer in Equine Practice at the University of Liverpool. I love my job, as I get to combine clinical work with teaching the final year vet students the day one-skills that set them up for their first few years in practice.

Michael Matthews

Publicity Officer (He/Him)

Hi there! I’m Mike and I’m a small animal vet based in Herefordshire. I moved over to the UK from South Africa in 2019 after graduating from Onderstepoort in 2017.

I’ve recently joined the BVLGBT+ committee and will be helping out with Publicity.

Being new to the country, It’s been amazing to attend BVLGBT+ events, meeting amazing people who are part of an intersection between two important aspects of my life that had never really crossed paths before.

I’m also looking forward to attending my first Pride in London this year! Hope to see you all there!

Damaris Fey

Publicity Officer (She/Her)

My name is Damaris, I graduated as a veterinary nurse in 2008 and after 10 years of equine nursing, I recently changed to small animals. I now work at an ophthalmology referral centre and enjoy monitoring anaesthesia and meeting exotic species.

I guess my label would be bisexual but I can’t wait for the day when people don’t need to “come out” anymore, and we can just love and be loved without judgement and division. 

Charlotte McCarroll

Welfare Officer (She/Her)

I’m Charlotte, I graduated from the University of Glasgow vet school in 2008. I am a bisexual trans woman so tick the B and T of LGBTQI+ and live with my wife, Natalie, and our cat, Moses.  My plans as Welfare Officer is to provide a support network for LGBTQI+ vets and vet students, and help provide a safer working environment within the veterinary profession through improved education and support for veterinary workplaces in being better allies to their staff and students.

As a veterinary student, I never felt safe enough to be my authentic self.  The veterinary profession has always seemed quite conservative and placed staff wellbeing second to patients and clients.  However, with appropriate support, friendship, encouragement, and mentoring of staff and students with the safety to be our authentic selves will improve our wellbeing and patient care

Mat Hennessey

Founder and Past President (He/Him)

I’m Mat, I’m one of the BVLGBT+ past presidents and currently help out on the committee. It’s been wonderful to see our group go from strength to strength over the last few years and I’m so proud of the things we’ve accomplished. 

Working in our professions can be challenging enough at times, and nobody should have the extra burden of having to worry about how their sexuality or gender identity will impact their careers.

Dan Makin

General Committee and Past President (He/Him)

I’m Dan. I have been actively involved with BVLGBT+ since its inception and have held several roles on the committee which culminated in me becoming President of the group in 2019.

I am deeply passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion within the veterinary profession and I am proud to be a member of the RCVS Diversity and Inclusion Group. 

Leah Morley

General Committee and Past President (She/Her)

Hi, I’m Leah (she/her). I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2000 and have worked in the veterinary industry in Australia and the UK. There were no LGBT+ role models where I grew up, if they were there, I certainly couldn’t find them, I’d like to think that as a group the BVLGBT+ ensures our community is visible and doesn’t feel alone in within our profession. 
I currently sit on the committee as a past president and feel passionately about creating work environments where people feel free to be themselves, without fear of judgement and discrimination. 

Benjamin Cross

General Committee (He/Him)

I’m Benjamin, I graduated from the Dick Vet in 2019 and have settled in Edinburgh after falling in love with the city during my time in vet school. I now work in small animal practice with a particular interest in clinical animal behaviour. I’m new to the BVLGBT+ committee and am looking forward to helping the team and connecting with more of my LGBT+ colleagues! I’m happy to tick the B and T in LGBTQI+. Everyone should feel safe, supported, and respected whatever their sexuality or gender identity, and I’m happy and excited to be involved with the committee to help promote that ethos in our profession and help our colleagues and our friends.

Marisol Collins

General Committee

Bio coming soon.

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