"The BVLGBT+ was established with the sole purpose to provide a platform for LGBT+ members of the veterinary profession (of all roles, disciplines and employments) to feel supported, represented and, in hopefully very few instances, robustly defended and protected."

Our Objectives

  • To create an LGBT+ presence within the veterinary professions and their associated professions.

  • To promote fairness and equality for all members of these professions.

  • To provide support for individuals and for those studying in these professions.

Our Mission

We are all painfully aware of the significant strain the profession is under from a wellbeing and mental health perspective and given that our LGBT+ community may experience additional burdens alongside this, therefore it is vital we develop a safe and open community for those members to seek support, comfort and representation.

Our most significant role is to educate and inform. There is a disappointing absence of advice and guidance available to employers, businesses and educational establishments regarding the need to develop safe, open and attractive working environments to LGBT+ individuals. We appreciate that many establishments desire and intend their businesses to welcome all, but there are many techniques and tools needed to achieve this correctly. We have sought guidance from Stonewall, the main LGBT+ advocacy association to allow us to offer up to date, appropriate and robust help to all.

Sadly, the surveys we have completed of the profession (including students) highlighted that discrimination and bullying was a frequently encountered problem for LGBT+ individuals, this is unacceptable. We are determined to provide a supportive sanctuary to those affected as well as working alongside other professional bodies such as BVA and RCVS to promote, encourage and teach the need for tolerance in our society.

For what we’ve achieved so far and our plans for 2022-2023, click below: